Addiction to Zolpidem

Sedatives are believed to be among the substances which people get addicted to. Addiction is defined as having no control over drug use, craving for the said drug and compulsive drug use. It is actually very different from drug abuse since an addicted person is actually using the drug for whatever the drug is intended for.

It is therefore safe to assume there are individuals, who take the sedative Zolpidem initially to help them fall asleep, but eventually found themselves addicted to this controlled substance.

The Psychology of Zolpidem Addiction

Studies concerning the likelihood of addition to this medication revealed former drug abusers experiencing effects similar to taking 20mg of diazepam when they were given 40mg of Zolpidem. For this reason, it is recommended for the patient to be monitored while taking this medication.

Drug dependence can also develop among individuals who are pre disposed to drug addiction. It can be said that dependence is present if the person exhibit withdrawal symptoms due to abrupt cessation, sudden decrease in Zolpidem concentration in blood and antagonist administration. These symptoms could include vomiting, muscle cramps, sweating, convulsions and tremors. Some experience flushing, nausea, uncontrolled crying, panic attacks and even fatigue.

Dangers of Overdosage

Once of the dangers of getting addicted to sedatives like Zolpidem is the likelihood of overdosage. Since Zolpidem is designed for short term use, sleep latency decreases after some time. This could lead to the person increasing the dosage without consulting any doctor.

Post-marketing reports revealed that Zolpidem overdose can lead to unconsciousness as well as compromised respiration and cardiovascular activities.  Treatments for overdose include gastric lavage and administration of intravenous fluid. It is important the patients’ blood pressure, pulse, respiration and other vital signs are monitored. Some patients develop CNS depression and hypotension, which should be treated accordingly.

Complications and other health problems might arise if the patient ingested other sedatives or hypnotics. It would be wise to contact another health agency whose expertise is hypnotic drug overdosage.

Taking Zolpidem according to your doctor’s orders will not lead to drug addiction, abuse or dependence. As long as you follow the recommended dosage and administration, you will not have any problems. Of course, you might not notice you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of abuse or dependence so you need to inform a friend or family member you are taking this medication. Ask them to monitor your behavior and even your intake to ensure you are not becoming addicted.

Zolpidem remains to be one of the safest sedative for treating insomnia. With proper use, you will surely be pleased with its many benefits.

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