How Zolpidem Works

Sleep deprivation is believed to be one of the leading causes of human health problems. During sleep, all of your body’s system is in “energy-saving” mode so essentially lack of sleep deprives the body time to rest and recharge. Surprisingly, majority of Americans had experienced difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep several nights in a week. And if you are among these unfortunate individuals, it is high time you do something about it.

There are actually plenty of treatments available for insomnia including medications and behavioral therapy. Of course, if your problem is not as severe and you simply want a way to make you fall asleep, you should consider taking the sedative Zolpidem.

The Science of Zolpidem

This medication has plenty of similarities with the benzodiazepine family especially in its capacity as a hypnotic and sedative. Its active ingredients also bind with the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA at the same location. But the similarities end there for it is not as effective as an anti-convulsant or muscle relaxant.

Clinical studies conducted showed a decrease in its effectivity if taken longer than six weeks. Although there have been many studies where patients have taken this medication for as long as 180 days. Studies also revealed how Zolpidem proved to be quite effective in initiating sleep. In fact, the US Air Force approved this medication to help special duty personnel as well as aviators sleep so they can be ready for their missions.

Dosage and Administration

Zolpidem is currently available in two forms: tablet and oral spray. However, you can choose between a regular tablet or an extended release if you want undisturbed sleep. Dosage range from 5mg to 12.5 mg and your doctor will determine which is right for you. Usually, start dose for adults is 10mg for he regular tablet and 12.5 mg for the extended release. For older individuals, recommended dosage is 5mg for the regular tablet and 6.25mg for the extended-release form.

You should take this medication before you go to sleep and it usually works within 15 minutes. Never take this medication if you consumed alcohol or took other sedatives because of the additive effect. As for side effects, the most common is drowsiness and dizziness. However if you experience allergic reactions such as rash and breathing difficulties, you need to discontinue its use. Withdrawal symptoms are also common if you stop taking Zolpidem abruptly. Consulting a doctor before you do so is a good idea.

Taking Zolpidem is probably the safest way you can address your sleep difficulties. It is used by millions of people all over the world and remains to be one of the most prescribed medications for insomnia.  Try it and enjoy a good night’s sleep everytime.

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