Overcoming the Effects of Jet Lag with Zolpidem

If you are one of those with people with normal sleeping pattern, traveling transatlantic can wreak havoc to your body clock. Some of the most common debilitating effects of jet lag are impaired alertness, disturbed sleep patterns, appetite and mood disturbances. For immediate and short-term relief to the symptoms of jet lag, consider Zolpidem.

Zolpidem and Jet Lag:

A double-blind randomized study of experience travelers showed that Zolpidem has made a significant improvement in their sleep patterns for three consecutive nights after travel. Subjects reported longer sleep time each night, less number of times that they were awakened in their sleep and overall improvement in sleep quality. The most common adverse effect among subjects was headache. The study concluded that the drug is effective in providing short-term sleep improvement following a transatlantic travel.

Clinical pharmacology:

Doing some little research on Zolpidem before ingesting it is a wise move to take. A hypnotic and sedative agent, Zolpidem has a chemical structure that is not related to barbiturates, benzodiazepines or other medications that contain hypnotic substances. It has similar pharmacological properties with benzodiazepines and is known to interact with GABA-BZ receptor complexes.

Studies showed the absence of anticonvulsant and myorelaxant effects of Zolpidem which may be attributed to its selective binding on the BZ1 receptor. The drug is absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract. Once the drug is converted into inactive metabolites, it can be eliminated by way of renal excretion.

What to Expect After Taking Zolpidem:

In some reported cases, people who took the drug may not be aware that they have done some activities while not fully awake. It has been observed that people who took the drug with alcohol or together with other medications that induced sleeping may do some activities such as drive a car, talk on the phone, have sex, make and eat food or sleep-walk and wake up the next morning without any memory of doing such activities during the night.

If you experienced or find out that you have done some activities after ingesting Zolpidem, contact your doctor immediately.

Who Should Not Take Zolpidem:

Zolpidem may not be right for you if you are allergic to any ingredient in it. That is why it is important that you know your medical history and take time to read the list of ingredients. Informing your doctor about your health condition is highly encouraged. This is most especially if you have a history of mental illness, suicidal tendency, depression, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, liver or kidney disease, breathing problems, lung disease, pregnant or planning to conceive. Keep in mind that medicines may interact with each other and cause serious side effects.

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