Understanding Zolpidem Ingredients

A hectic lifestyle can take a toll on your sleeping habits. Late nights at the office or constant partying can wreak havoc to your circadian rhythm which may lead to sleep deprivation or insomnia, a condition in which you will have difficulty falling asleep and in the event that you have, it is never a restful sleep as you easily get awaken even by just a slightest noise or sound.

Some of the most popular sleeping medications today contain Zolpidem. It can make you fall asleep just a few minutes after taking the medication and can make you stay asleep for as much as 8 hours. If you are considering taking prescribed sleeping drugs, it would be to your benefit if you are aware of its active ingredients.

Knowing What Is In Your Medication:

Melatonin and serotonin are two natural substances that can help your body achieve normal sleep cycles and rhythms and enable you to easily fall and stay asleep. These substances are the ingredients that make up many natural or herbal sleep medications. Prescription sleep medications usually contain the hypnotic Zolpidem tartrate.

Because it is hypnotic, you can expect Zolpidem to be a harsh ingredient in any sleeping aid products. It works by deceiving your nervous system to relax against its natural tendencies. Drugs with Zolpidem ignore ingredients that work with the natural chemistry of your body. That is why drugs containing Zolpidem are prescribed for short-term use only.

Is Zolpidem the One for You?:

Your doctor will tell you that sleeping aids with Zolpidem is strictly for short term use to treat insomnia or other sleep disorders. This is because the medication does not promote a natural sleep cycle, thus it is never recommended for long term use to address sleep disorder problems. Prolong intake of this medication will eventually lead to addiction. This means that you can never fall asleep without taking the drug first.

Also, it is not uncommon for some users of drugs with Zolpidem to up their dosages to achieve the desired level of sleep that they want. Once their bodies get used to a certain dosage and the effects started to wear down, the tendency is to increase further the amount of medications to achieve the desired effect.

There are benefits and risks in using Zolpidern as a sleeping aid. If addiction is a major concern to you, take time to try other sleep medications that do not contain Zolpidem. But if you think that you can avoid the risk of being dependent to Zolpidem, then this one can definitely help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

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