Zolpidem and Depression

Difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep is believed to be a symptom of insomnia. A person suffering from lack of sleep will usually feel sluggish and unrefreshed the following day. Health experts recommend at least 8 hours of sleep each night if you want to enjoy a better quality life. Some people simply need to alter their sleep pattern, cut back on stress and exercise to enjoy a good night’s rest. Meanwhile, there are individuals who can benefit from taking safe and effective medications like Zolpidem.

Classified under the group or sedatives and hypnotics, Zolpidem is currently the most prescribed medication for the treatment of insomnia. You only need to take it once before bedtime and you will soon find yourself enjoying an undisturbed and deep sleep.

Link Between Depression and Insomnia

Many individuals suffering from depression has also trouble sleeping. Because of the chemical imbalance in their nervous system, a depressed individual might sleep too little or too much. It is also possible the emotional troubles which come with depression contribute to their inability to fall asleep immediately.

Meanwhile, insomnia can be caused by stress, anxiety and consumption of caffeine or alcohol. Certain medical conditions can also cause you to wake up in the middle of the night such as arthritis, lung disease, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, bladder problems and even cancer. Some people develop insomnia as a response to changes in their work schedule or environment. Of course, there is also the relationship of insomnia and aging when there are changes in overall health, activities and sleep patterns as well as the intake of certain medications.

It is important to determine if your inability to fall asleep is caused by depression or by insomnia alone. This way, you will be given the proper medication alongside Zolpidem.

What Zolpidem Can Do

Since Zolpidem is quite effective in initiating sleep, individuals suffering from depression will be able to address their sleep difficulties. Within 15 minutes after taking this medication, its effects are already experienced. It is important for the patient to be monitored during the first week on this medication due to possible side effects which include dizziness, drowsiness and nausea. Some patients even reported sleepwalking incidents.

Discussing Zolpidem with Your Doctor

If you have been suffering from depression and have trouble sleeping, it would be best if you ask your doctor about the benefits of Zolpidem. Of course, you need to understand that this medication is not intended for long term use and you might need to take anti-depressants as well. Also, you should not increase the dosage your doctor prescribed for it can really be dangerous for you. Overdosage can be fatal.  This is also true with regard to stopping this medication. Always check with your doctor regarding dosage and administration.

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