Zolpidem and Pregnancy

Some women experience sleep difficulties at one point in their pregnancy. This can be attributed to a number of factors including hormonal changes, anxiety and changes in their body. Being unable to sleep is hard enough for regular individuals but for pregnant women, such problem is even more difficult. Aside from the physical toll on their body, it is clear that lack of sleep can also affect the baby’s development.

Some doctors encourage pregnant women suffering from insomnia to rest but avoid taking naps during daytime in order to enjoy a full night’s sleep. They are also advised to get as comfortable as they can when lying in bed and sleep on their sides, since this is the best position for both the baby and the mother.

Establishing good sleep hygiene can also address insomnia in pregnancy. For instance, you might want to establish a schedule for going to bed and waking up. This way, your body will be accustomed to such schedule and adjust accordingly. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided as well as spicy foods. Watching TV or reading a book in bed might also confuse the body and prevent you from falling asleep when it is time to do so. Exercising in the morning is also recommended.

Taking Medication for Insomnia

If all else fails, there are doctors who prescribe mild sedatives like Zolpidem. Usually, the lowest dosage is prescribed for a couple of days only, just enough for the pregnant mother to establish a good sleep hygiene.

Although Zolpidem has been established to be safe for most individuals, there are no clinical trial conducted involving pregnant women. There are, however, studies involving the use of sedatives among women during the end of their pregnancy and it showed some of the babies experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Laboratory studies, meanwhile, revealed negative effects on the offspring of pregnant rabbits and rats if Zolpidem is given at higher dosage, more than the recommended dosage for humans which is 10mg per day.

Discussing Zolpidem with Your Doctor

Being pregnant is supposed to be an exciting adventure but if you lack sleep, you might feel that it is the worst time in your life. It would certainly help if you discuss with your doctor the benefits of Zolpidem as well as the risks to you and the baby you are carrying.

Insomnia during pregnancy is manageable as long as you work with your doctor in trying to find ways to treat and manage it. Never take any medication without your doctor’s approval since it could harm you and your unborn child.

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