Zolpidem: Data Sheet

Nowadays, the market is inundated with prescription, non-prescription or herbal sleeping aids that will help you fall asleep easily and have an uninterrupted, deep and relaxing sleep. Persistent insomnia can usually be remedied by behavioral or lifestyle changes. But if you want instant solution to occasional sleepless nights, medications such as Zolpidem are available to help you get your much needed sleep and rest.

Drug description:

A sedative-hypnotic drug, Zolpidem is recommended to be used only as a short-term treatment of sleeping disorders. Longer than the prescribed period of usage and the drug will lose its effectiveness. It is imperative that you use this drug as directed or prescribed by your physicians. Because this drug works quickly and instantly, it is advisable to take it before going to bed. Do not take this drug if you are still planning to drive a vehicle, operate any machinery or do anything that can be dangerous or would require your full concentration after taking it.

If you take Zolpidem, make sure that you have the time to sleep as long as 8 hours or longer. Do not take the drug if you need to be awake after a few hours as this will only make you disoriented, groggy or you may experience temporary memory loss.

Zolpidem is available in 5 milligrams and 10 milligrams. The actual dosage that you will take will be determined by your physician. If you have problems with liver function, your physician will most likely reduce the actual dosage by 50 percent. The same reduced dosage is also applied if you have problems with your kidney function.


If you want Zolpidem to work effectively and help you fall asleep immediately without harming your health, you should heed the warnings that are usually found in drug labels. Taking the drug with alcohol is highly discouraged as it increases the sedative effects of your medication. The potential effect would be a decrease in your breathing rate that may lead to unconsciousness or coma.

Zolpidem should not be taken together with drugs that may slow your central nervous system such as other sleeping pills, antipsychotics, antihistamines, sedative, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepine or monoamine oxidase inhibitor.

Because Zolpidem is one of the drugs that has high habit-forming potential, it would be for your benefit if you do not take more than the dosage recommended by your doctor or take it longer than the prescribed period.

There are rare incidents of abnormal liver function or acute kidney failure as an effect of Zolpidem. However, if you have existing liver or kidney damage, this drug should be avoided as a treatment for your sleeping disorders. Ask your physician for other sleeping aids.

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