Zolpidem: The Magic Pill

If you are always having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, you are not alone. More than half of the entire US population had experienced a bout with insomnia. Being sleep deprived can certainly make you less productive and active. If you are tired of this sleep problem, maybe it is time to take medications such as Zolpidem.

Zolpidem actually belongs under the class of sedatives/hypnotics, which explains why you will almost immediately fall asleep after taking it. It is usually prescribed for a maximum of six weeks. Taking this medication for long term actually diminishes its effectivity.

Zolpidem Benefits

By taking Zolpidem before you sleep, you are basically ensuring your body’s health. This medication actually works by initiating sleep and ensuring you stay asleep.  As you know, sleeping allows the body to recharge itself. Not only that, but it also makes you think clearer and be more emotionally stable. Chronic sleep deprivation is also known to cause serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and even obesity.

Discussing Zolpidem With Your Doctor

Any sleep issues should be discussed with your doctor to determine the true cause of the problem. If it is a mild case of insomnia, you will most likely be given Zolpidem. Inform your doctor if you are currently taking other medication to prevent adverse drug interactions. You also need to disclose any illnesses particularly concerning your kidneys or liver. It would also be better to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating.

Once it has been deemed safe for you to take Zolpidem, your doctor will discuss dosage and administration. This medication is available in tablet form and also as an oral spay. You will most likely be prescribed a lower dosage to see how well you respond to it and if there is any need to up the dosage. You will also be advised to observe any side effects such as nausea, headache and vomiting as well as the presence of hives, rash and breathing difficulties.

When Should You Stop

As mentioned, Zolpidem is designed for short-term use only and your doctor alone can say if you can take the medication longer. Also, you need to tell your doctor if you want to stop the medication. You will be weaned off in order to prevent you from experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

Zolpidem is currently one of the leading sleep medications in the whole world. Its popularity is based on its efficiency and efficacy. No other drug can make you fall asleep as fast as this medication. If you think you will benefit from taking Zolpidem, talk to your doctor about it.

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